Meet The Lost Ancients

The Lost Ancients are a unique NFT collection hand-drawned and designed by the artist Laertes. There will be 11,111 Lost Ancients, each with their own personalities that resonates with their respective owners. Owning an Ancient will unlock various utility and benefits only available to the followers of The Ancient Council.


Ancient Roadmap: Part One

After a long a strenuous council meeting, The Ancient Council members came up with a Six-part plan to improve the The Council for the betterment of the Ancients. The plan formulated is as follows:

I. Ancients Donation Pledge

After the minting process concludes, we will pledge to donate 30 ETH split evenly between two charities chosen by the Ancients community. One charity will be focusing on pediatric autoimmune disorders and the other on mental health.

II. Physical paintings of 'One of One' Ancients

Those holders lucky enough to receive or buy a one of one Ancient will receive an exact physical painting copy of their ancient free of charge. Upon all one of one holders receiving a painting. A system will be implemented to authenticate the painting's authenticity via their NFT token. Thus, the physical paintings will be authenticated and backed in value by the original NFT.

III. Merch Release

Ancients holders will receive the opportunity to purchase unique and stylish Lost Ancients merch. This will be a limited one-time release. The merch drop will not be available to individuals that don't own an Ancient.

IV. Lost Ancients companion airdrop

Every Ancients holder will be receiving a companion airdropped to their wallets at no extra cost. Further details will be announced at a later date.

V. The Council

Each Ancient is a member of The Council. The Council will begin as a dashboard on our website that unlocks collaborations and utility only available to holders. Later on The Council will become a location built within the metaverse, where Ancient members will reside and interact with one another. The Council's appearance is previewed at the top of this page.

VI. Roadmap Expansion(s)

After each section of part one of the roadmap has been completed or initiated, the next parts will begin to be revealed to holders and the rest of the public. We will bring unprecendented utility in the real world and through the blockchain to holders. For a small glimpse of what's to come, scroll down to OUR VISION.

Our Vision

"Our mission is to build and nurture a tight knit community that treats every individual as an equal, no matter if you are a founder, holder, or supporter." - The Lost Ancients

Each Lost Ancient is more than just an awesome NFT collectible, it will also be your unique pass to the Lost Ancient roadmap and future utilities to come. The current roadmap is just one tiny glimpse of a multi-part, long term vision roadmap. In addition to Part One of the Ancients Roadmap, we have tons of future plans in terms for future utility that will allow holders to reap benefits for holding their Ancient.

Imagine a world where a Lost Ancients holder can walk into a restaurant in New York City, Los Angeles, or London with a friend, significant other, or family member and dine at a discount or for free all thanks to their Ancient Pass. Also imagine a world where you can use your Ancient as a playable character in the metaverse alongside your companion. Perhaps even a PvP game involving your very own NFT with prizes and rewards for the top of the leaderboards. The possibilities for the future are endless and by holding and being a part of the Lost Ancient community, you will find yourself at the receiving end of all these future utilities and benefits.

The Lost Ancients Founders




Laertes is a self-taught artist specializing in abstract and surrealism art. In addition, he's also a renown interior decorative painter, having worked in the estates of people ranging from Michael Bloomberg to the Saudi Royal family.



Project Lead

CryptoZemer is the Co-Founder of an industry leading automation software that helps its users acquire limited edition retail items. Furthermore, he has taken an interest in tokenomics and the future of blockchain technology, looking to work his way into the industry.



Lead Developer

Nik is a Software Engineer, with many years of experience in Javascript, React, and Web3. He is an extremely passionate and talented engineer constantly looking for ways to challenge himself, as well as his skill set.



Blockchain Security Analyst

Gent is a mathematician, having achieved a masters degree, specializing in Algebraic Topology. He is currently working as a Blockchain Security Analyst at a company named CertiK. He is well versed in Web3, Solidity, and Haskell.